Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stickles Storage!

2013 is the year of change for me in so many ways.  One of which is craft room organization (more on this later).  My goal is to be organized and in doing so more efficient when I'm crafting.   To that end, we've created a wonderful new, dedicated work space just for me!

I like to keep my crafting supplies on hand so that when I'm in the crafty flow, I can just flow and do my thing because it seems like I always have limited time between life, work, family and things, right?

In 2011, I attended a crop hosted by my local LSS from where I grew up.  At that crop, they gave us a Stickles holder as our gift.  From this holder, my idea of a Stickles holder was later birthed.

Inspiration piece!

I was passing through the wood working aisle at my local JoAnn's store and saw these things called "Doll Stands".  Hanging next to the Doll Stands were pieces of thin wood.  I didn't want to go "too" long so I choose a piece of wood that measures 12 inches in length.  Please note, the bag of Doll Pin Stands at JoAnn's come in a bag of 20 stands for $4.99 but as luck would have it, they didn't have enough bags of the stands so this bag pictured is from the Pat Catan's store.  A bag of 12 stands was under $2 there.

I brought my wood and doll stands home and gave them a primer coat of paint.  I used flat black acrylic paint for this.  Then, I used E6000 glue and glued the doll stands to the wood.  You'll want to be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area!  You can pick up this glue in any LSS, hardware store or even Dollar General!  We use it for so many things.  After my glue and paint dried, my project moved to hubby's paint shop.  There, he gave my Stickles holder a few good coats of flat black paint.  You can find the paint where they sell the model cars or really anywhere they sell spray paint.

Next, after my project graduated from the paint shop, it was ready to go!!  I loaded the Stickles in and there you have it!!  My Stickles holder can accommodate 50 bottles of Stickles.  When I go to crops, I can quickly and easily load the Stickles back into my Creative Memories bag, and off we go!

 Now, I do have to say, this stand is particularly helpful to keep the Stickles handy but it is not really that portable even when moving within your craft area.  Ideally, the holders would be somewhat deeper to prevent the bottles from moving around.  My inspiration piece has deeper holes which adds to the portability.
As a crafty person, your imagination could go wild with the different ways in which to embellish your Stickles holder!  I hope you find this to be helpful!  If you are inspired to make a Stickles holder, please share your photos and comments with me!