Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SOC November 2011 I'm Thankful Layout Challenge!

Over at SOC, we were challenged to make a Thankful LO.
I choose to do my son, nephew and Mother.
You see, both my son and nephew are Medical Miracles of the natural kind.  Do to "issues" and complications, Mom never thought she would be a Grand Mother.  I was told I'd never be a Mommy and my sister had all but given up hope.  Yet, we know God is a god favor and blessings.  We know Doctors practice medicine but God is the ultimate physician!  When my husband and I received the news that we'd never be Parents, my reply was "if it is God's will, I'll be a Mommy."  

Fast forward almost a year, I'm at the bus stop when my phone rings.  It was my Sister who is six years older than me.  She had been experiencing some health issues and went into the doctor.  She came out of his office with news that she was expecting!  The call went something like this - My Sister:  "Guess what?"  Me:  "Your Pregnant!?!"  My Sister:  "Yup, I can't believe it!  My baby wants a play mate."  Me:  "Congrats!  Call your brother for a playmate."   Well, I think it was a set up because shortly after, I found out I was pregnant!  The boys are exactly three months apart.  They are truly our blessings for so many reasons.

Papers from a Best Occasions paper pack were used as well as brads from my stash

The boys are always in motion.  Even when they are sitting down.  This is just one of their usual silly moments.   Notice that Hunter is holding "Ducky" in the top photo.  He is the resident mascot.
Mom and the boys were investigating the newly fallen snow. 
They've formed their own neighborhood watch group.  
The living room window is a favorite attraction at Nana's house.  

These are the journaling tags used on the layout.  


  1. Love your layouts you really did a nice job on them. Stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Sweet memories. I especially LOVE the photo of them looking out the window. Oh and I and enjoying your playlist! Happy thanksgiving

  3. This is a nice LO, and I LOVE the story behind it! What a wonderful testimony! Thank you for participating in the challenge this week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You learn something new everyday. What an awesome blessing. May He continue to reign His blessings over both yours and your sisters life. I love this layout. My mom doesn't take pics so enjoy it as long as you can. Drea