Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying Something New

This year for my birthday, I gifted myself with Prismacolor Pencils.  I mean, if you don't treat yourself nicely, who will?  :)  So, it's been said that scrapbookers have hoarding tendencies.  I am offended by this comment, since it was directed right at me, BUT I must admit it got me to thinking.  So, after about 8 months of sitting on my shelf in its open box with unsharpened points, I decided to practice using my pencils.  

The ladies and gent over at SOC make some wonderful creations using this colored images.  Most use Copic markers but I really haven't graduated to that level and honestly, I don't think I every will! Until the purchase of my Prismacolor pencils, I've been using the same Crayola pencils that I had since college, if not before and I was ok with that!  I love the look of the Copics but I'm not sure I have the patience to create the masterpieces that my SOC family has created!   

When I finally dusted off my pencils, I choose three stamped images to shade and color.  I used Gamosol (mineral spirits) to help with the shading.  Now, I feel better that I'm one step closer to being a consumer of scrapbook products versus a hoarder! Thank you very much!  :-)

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