Friday, July 24, 2015

New Project! New Room! New friends! New Pinterest Party idea!e

So, as you've read, I've relocated in a major way....moving from PA to western NC.  It's not the beach that I was anticipating, it is actually a mountain that gets ice and snow.  Go figure!  However, the moutains bring some awesomely amazing people my way that share in the love of crafting!  I told you it was awesome!

Our new neighborhood has Pinterest Night every so often.  How it works - a few ideas are posted and the participants voted on a project or two.  The two projects for this time around are a fabric wreath (similiar idea to my ribbon wreath a while back and clip boards.  In this post, I'll share my clip board and give ya a sneak peek at the fabric wreath project.  Cool?

For me, getting started I looked on Pinterest.  I mean whereas do you go for inspiration?!?!?  I found an awesome example and shared it with our neighborhood Pinterest group.  I've been short on discretionary time and didn't make it to the craft store but once.  I went at the right time because they had the colored canvas on sale.  I went a little crazy and got a few colors, not to mention Target had canvas on Christmas.  I just couldn't pass THAT up, now could I?

One of the ladies in the group posted an inspiration piece and from there, I created this.

  • I used one of the 9x12 tan canvases, scrapbook paper, my die cutting machine, hot fix gems and embellishments to make my creation.  It was fun!

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