Monday, January 16, 2012

A great solution for Cricut owners!

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting with two new Cricut users.  These ladies were so cute in their enthusiasm to learn everything Cricut!  I was trying to remember the name of the Cricut resource site where a keyword can be typed in and the results show not only the name of the cartridge but brings up the handbook as well.  What a great resource!  Well, yesterday, if someone would have offered me a million dollars, it wouldn't have matter because I drew a blank on the name of the site.  GASP!

So, I wanted to make a blog post about this truly amazing site so I could easily remember as well as help anyone else that may wander along to this posting.

So, without further ado, the name of the site is
Thanks to Shawn and her family for being such a wonderful blessing to the crafting world!
Here's an additional link to Shawn's blog on using the advanced search feature.

Happy Crafting!

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