Monday, August 29, 2011

Ribbon Wreaths!

It's holiday time, well almost!  
I saw a recent post on the SOC boards and since I had a nice stash of ribbon, I decided to give the ribbon wreaths a try.  

I made both over the week-end and probably the longest time was spent cutting the ribbon.

I was pretty pleased with how the Thanksgiving wreath turned out and took it over my Mom's house to show her.  Mom is also pretty crafty.  She liked it so much that she put in an order for her own Christmas wreath.  :)

Someone asked me how much ribbon did I use?  For both wreaths, I used to full spools of the base colors, plus the wreath is wrapped in a coordinating think ribbon.  All in all, I think each wreath took about 3 hours.  All of my work was done in different sessions so it's hard to estimate.  I used straight pins versus hot glue to tie it all together.  These were fun to make and I might try to round up some friends for a little workshop to show them how to make them as well.