Monday, June 3, 2013

What Goes On At the Crop, Stays At the Crop!

As the saying goes, What Goes on At the Crop, Stays at the Crop!  But, this crop was so well-done and such a blessing in so many ways, that I can't keep it to myself!!

The SOC-Michigan ladies know how to throw a party!  We had fun, food and fellowship!  Crystal P is the hostess with the mostest!  Everyone was beautifully blessed that Saturday.  I think we are still all floating on our happy bubbles!!

We were having so much fun that we had to dial up Tiare in Atlanta and report in!  We owe it all to Tiare's beautiful vision of creating an online community of crafters that blossomed into so much more!

Havin' fun with SOC-Michigan!

The Good Reverend is on the phone with Tiare!  


  1. Hello Sisters....Great photos! Thanks for sharing

  2. Nedine you are a J O Y !!! Thank you for the shout-out. We did have a great time. I am into your blog. I love the background music and now I'm checking out all your tabs. Wow...

  3. Great picture. It looks like you all had a ball!

  4. Very nice. It was fun being "a part" of the crop. So glad you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing the photos.